Great to see the conversations around well-being becoming mainstream.

Great to see the conversations around well-being becoming mainstream.

Mindful Employer in the UK are ten :)

its coming up to mental health awareness week and even though this is a good few years old now its still one of my favs.

The Middle Age Equation

I am writing this with some personal reflection. I never thought I would be this person. As a guy I though I would always on top of the tech game.I know my ps4 from my xbox 1, my apple from my Microsoft, android from cylon etc. but at the weekend my reality changed.

I went out to look for a new TV. A pretty spur of the moment thing due to the household TV leaving with the owner to support a PS4! Well buying new tech can be pretty exciting until you are faced will literally a wall of screens that all look the same and grow in size along with the cost.

Now it is not only the screen size (inc 3d), LED or LCD you need to consider but if the inputs are right and the volume of them, if the TV is smart , or the smartest you can afford. Now this is were I start to sound middle aged. Why do I really need my TV to do the same as every other ‘smart’ device I own?

I have tablet devices, smart phones, apple TV, pc and a blu-ray that connects to the web? Now I need my TV to pretty much the same job, including downloading apps? Is there no escape to the world wide web of stuff and celebrity gossips?

The worse thing is I was looking at music systems and am struggling to find one to play old tech (CDS!) and doesn’t just blue tooth. My now classic ipod classic is not wireless and now being retired. I am sure it was never this complex a few years back. I still remember phone boxes and phones that were attached to the world by a cable, Walkman’s and the first ipod. I am sure that wasn’t that may years back.

Oh well that’s the pace of change I suppose but I am not sure if it is making us smarter really.

So is middle age now connected to the lack of tech spec knowledge and the years in between upgrades of tech? Or is it that tech just isn’t built to last and the new pursuit of quicker, more function and less specialty?

So now is the new middle age equation:

tech knowledge X need to upgrade X pace of change over desire to be ‘smart’ and continually connected + budget= middle age.

Now where are my slippers :)

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