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Men’s Health Week 2012 - Press release

11 June 2012

Men’s Health Week is this week! It’s about encouraging men to take control of their health, which includes their physical and mental wellbeing. Celebrate men’s health week in your workplace and encourage your male employees to get their health checked - it could improve, or save, their life!

The official men’s health week website is full of information, free resources, and an online men’s health check survey to give men an idea of where their health is at. You can also find out where to get your FREE pit stop men’s health check!  

Did you know:

  • NZ Men live on average 4 years less than women, and yet still remain much less likely to talk to a GP about their health
  • Latest statistics available tell us that 1 New Zealand man dies every three hours of a preventable illness; with death rates for Maori men double that of non-Maori (Statistics NZ)
  • 6 out of 10 New Zealand males are overweight
  • Nearly a quarter of New Zealand men smoke
  • 27% of men have potentially hazardous drinking patterns
  • Men have fewer years free from disability and poor health (Health and Independence Report 2005, MOH). 

How you can help raise awareness….

  • Download a Men’s Health Pit Stop check list, and encourage male staff to see how their engine is running!
  • Staff newsletter - add some information about Men’s Health Week and how staff can access free health checks or more information
  • Put up posters in staff rooms
  • Post a message on the intranet - tell staff about Men’s Health Week and the services they can access to help improve their health
  • Put on a morning or afternoon tea - include pamphlets and resources about men’s health 

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