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Are you engaged?

Engaged people are less stressed, happier and more interested in what they do! No – I’m not talking about engagement in the marital sense, but rather in the sense of being there in the moment.

A recent article in Gallup Management Journal stated disengagement can be depressing in a workplace and that better engagement means better health. What’s concerning is that research is indicating 8 to 17 per cent of people in the workplace are disengaged. A true concern for any employer!

The recent economic struggles added to the issue, with many disengaged staff choosing to stay put rather than face the difficult and worrying task of finding other employment. Stagnation then becomes as difficult as staff turn over. This may now be changing as signs in the labour market in some areas are changing.

Disengaged staff can have a negative impact on your business, wider than just their own contribution. There continues to be strong links between engagement and key organisational outcomes. I mean if you’re running a customer focused business, but your staff ‘can’t be bothered’ making sales or talking to clients – that’s not good for business!

Signs of disengagement and depression can often be similar. These can include feeling empty or tired, having a lack of interest, energy or concentration, poor or lack of decision making and generally not being bothered.

The challenge is becomes even greater when the manager/owner/leader is feeling disengaged. How do they find ways to get back to having a greater bond with the workplace? Workplaces should not only be fun and engaging for staff, but for the managers/owners/leaders as well. This can be hard work when no one is helping them to engage.

There’s no magic answer to resolve engagement issues. Sometimes it’s right for people to move on. Other times it’s about creating or finding the challenge to keep people engaged. Here are a few simple ways to keep workplaces engaging:
 take time to listen to those around you
 give and receive feedback
 set out clear plans and a future focus
 outline your personal development/training ideas and do them
 have conversations about high performance and what this means for your business
 understand what makes teams and individuals tick
 have some fun!

Being Smarter with MARS Goals in 2014 

As we hurtle towards the end of another calendar year many of us will consider whether we’ve met, exceeded or fallen short of achieving our goals. The Christmas / New Year break provides an opportunity to review what’s gone, look ahead at what may be to come, and set new or revised goals for the year ahead.

'SMART' goals - those that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and and Time-based - have been considered one of the best ways of setting goals for more than 30 years, and for good reason: setting SMART goals usually works! However, they're not necessarily motivating for all of us, so as you look towards 2014 consider supplementing or replacing them with 'MARS' goals. These are goals that are:

Motivating - ‘Measurable’ goals are all well and good, but far better to have goals that are truly motivating, for you and your team. If a goal’s not motivating, it’s almost a given that measuring achievement towards it will result in less than inspiring results.

Advancing - If you limit yourself to setting only ‘achievable’ goals you run the risk of closing off apparently unattainable outcomes that are, in fact, quite possible, if seemingly unattainable. Whereas if you take steps that help you advance towards your ultimate goal all possibilities are kept in play.

Relevant - Like ‘achievable’, ‘realistic’ goals can limit both your thinking and your progress. Instead, making sure goals are ‘relevant’ will keep you motivated and on-track as you continually assess what’s truly important to achieving your goal in the fast-paced, ever-changing and distracting world we live in.

Shared - Make sure your goals align with, or support the goals of others, and vice-versa. That way everyone’s efforts are amplified and you’ll achieve your goals quicker, and more effectively, than ‘going it alone’. Sharing a goal also makes it harder to back away from, so spread the word and gain buy-in all round.

The acronym ‘MARS’ is also a great reminder that, like the strap-line for the chocolate bar that ran from the late 1950s through to the mid 1980s, MARS goals can help us achieve what we want to achieve - at work, rest and play - in a tailored, enjoyable way.

So if you didn’t achieve all you wanted to this year, or are considering new goals for 2014, think ‘smart’ and use MARS to make 2014 your best year ever.

Copyright Hannah Samuel. All rights reserved. Originally published in Reputationz News December 2013 by Hannah Samuel.

Why do we do social media (HisBiz)

I was talking to a guy this morning around Facebook and the use of it as a way of driving business or making sales. Now I am not an expert in this area or a marketing expert but we did have a few things to share and education for each other on the topic.

Facebook is a social network site so at times people can be more casual in respect to the way they share information than on a website. Often you want your Facebook page to lead people to your website or you may even just directly promote your product there. As we developed HisBiz we found it was really hard to describe our product or inform our customers what to do when they landed on our page. To some degree our facebook page is a melting pot of topics connected to our overall purpose and even personal interests - a social mix of stuff.

HisBiz is not a product lead service and we actually have no product. Lucky I am not trying to sell you anything :)

To some degree we are more of a lets talk and share what we know service. This is harder than it sounds on the internet as social media can be pretty one way. I share you read end of interaction. If I’m lucky you might like it. I have found that pictures of dog’s and cats can get more likes than HisBiz!

Once you take the information my commodity, which is the information is used. At times you may share the information and that widens the reach which is great. To some degree that is the purpose of HisBiz, to get information out and about, creating a community that discovers and shares tools.

I am always keen for more sharing and for people to share information with HisBiz so we can pass it on to others.

So if you are about sharing things to make peoples journey in life better or have some questions to ask join in and do something.

Situations vacant?

How did you get your last job? Was it via seek or trade me (online job sites), a tip from someone you know, personal networks or by knocking on doors and handing out your cv?

Thousands of people are looking for work each day. What has been the most effective way for you to get your first, next or greatest job?

If you are an employer what are the top things you are looking for and what ways do people approach you? Are you looking for people right now? What would make your life easier around recruiting?

Help beyondblue evaluate a new online resource for leaders

Good morning

We are seeking leaders to participate in an important beyondblue and University of Tasmania research project that aims to trial a new beyondblue online resource. This resource is designed to equip organisational leaders with the knowledge and skills to promote a mentally healthy culture within their workplace.

More than one million Australians experience depression each year, with depression currently a leading cause of lost productivity in the workplace. Despite this, depression is generally not managed well by organisations. It is rare that skills training on this issue is built into leadership education programs.

Results from this study will evaluate a new beyondblue online resource for leaders and help to promote mental health awareness as a key component of leadership development.

Participation in this study will involve completing 3 short (10mins) online surveys over 6 months and you may be asked to complete the online resource (approx. 30-40mins) and participate in a short (15 mins) phone interview.

If you would like to participate in this study, or just find out more, click here

Please forward this information to other leaders in your organisation and your network.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this important study.

Kind regards

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