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Great to see the conversations around well-being becoming mainstream.

Great to see the conversations around well-being becoming mainstream.

Men’s Shed

I had a good morning today visiting the local men’s shed and having a bit of a noisy around.

It always amazes me the things that happen in our communities that we may have very little knowledge of. The time, energy and thought that people put into places like this without even blinking is inspirational.

I am hoping that i can add to this local shed by sharing some of my experiences. luckily I do not need to actually build anything!

Mid Winter Boost (re-run)

With the cold weather here and the days being shorter it can feel harder to do things we enjoy. Start by asking yourself what have you done today, or this week, that you enjoy and makes you happy? It can be little things, although you are welcome to change the world.  

It is amazing how many times we put things off because we are too busy, or it seems a little hard to fit it all in especially when it is darker outside.  So here‘s a challenges - do ten things this week that make you happy.

These are our suggestions but you may find or have some of your own.  Write them down and commit to them. Don’t worry if you don’t manage to fit them all in as long as you do some. The point of the exercise is to reduce stress not create it. It can be more challenging than you think to do things you enjoy regularly!

Watch a great film or TV show that you really enjoy

Listen to your favourite piece of music

Have a conversation with someone you have not talked to for a while, or someone new

Write a postcard – it is a lost art

Do some exercise

Do something for others

Be grateful for what you have

Say yes to something you might normally say no to (for those risk takers

Spend time with loved ones

Laugh out loud (LOL)

Put your list up on the HisBiz site – sorry had to sneak that in 

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The seven secrets of happy children

Taken from the Naked Leader Blog #467

The Seven Secrets of Happy Children – If you want a child that you care for, to grow up with higher self-esteem than the vast majority of the adult population, then do these:

1    Say “Yes” to your child as often as you say “No.” Your child needs to know where he or she stands, not just where they fall. Note – Do this and this alone and your child will grow up with higher self-esteem.
2    Tell them that you love them each and every day, especially last thing before they go to sleep.
3    When you praise them, be specific about what the praise of for.
4    Encourage them how to think, not what to think – be careful about giving your opinions as if they are facts. And listen to what they say – really listen.
5    Play/be with them when they want you to – five minutes after doesn’t work.

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