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Game of offices

At a training session recently we were asked to say why we like our jobs. There are hopefully lots of positive answers to this else you may not be in the right job :)

My answer was that I like to play games, not in a negative office politics way like Game of Thrones / Wolf of Wall Street way trying to get one up on others, but in the sense that I like to solve problems, be creative and have fun and of course win. Lots of things that we do when we are playing games. We also have to know the rules or boundaries and how far we can push them, we have to play nicely with others and often we need to work with others to achieve the result or win that we want for our clients and organizations.

I know there are lots of management books and thoughts out there but sometimes I think we can approach things a little more straight forwardly and not make it more complex than it needs to be. As kids we often learn lots from game playing either sports, old fashion board games or now online games. They all teach us certain things that can useful in the world of work and do not need to be a separate part of our learning and development as adults.

The best thing is we usually choose games we like, just as we should aims to have jobs that we like, that challenge us and give us learning and fun.

What does employment mean to you?

This does the rounds for a lot of workplace training I’m sure. Still brings a smile to my face. The company that it was made for must love the ongoing viral marketing.

Casual Friday

through my role i read a lot of things on employer engagement and well being. Things around what you can offer staff, how you know if they are or aren’t etc.

One of the things i enjoy is the casual Friday. Today we had a formal Friday as we had the Governor General visit. I actually enjoyed breaking out the suit and tie as our office is more of a business casual place. A bit in between really.

Whilst not everyone may enjoy the extremes of casual to formal office dress it does pose some questions for me. If i sit behind a desk and have no appointments why don’t I just dress comfortable. It would improve my productivity as i would feel better and more focused. I can’t say shirts always work well as functional clothing, especially in the winter.

Then again is it about role modeling and status? I dress to show my level in the organisation. You can tell my role by the way i dress maybe? It may be that this also links to what I can afford to wear. Clothes don’t come cheap at times. To have both a work and out of work wardrobe might not be that easy.

What are your thoughts and is this just really a 1st world problem after all!

Creating a workplace that really works

A common refrain is, “We have to do more with less.” A common result is feelings among employees of overload and burnout. With higher demands and fewer resources, what’s the solution?

Tony Schwartz, CEO of the Energy Project and a contributor to HBR’s Blog Network, sees the key as energizing the workplace through “sustainable engagement.” This requires that organizations shift from the traditional focus on getting more out of people to investing instead in meeting people’s core needs so they are freed, fueled, and inspired to deliver sustainable high performance.

Tune in now to hear Schwartz describe what sustainable engagement is, why it matters, and how organizations can create it.


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