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Take a break from the social world to the real world

Why do we do social media (HisBiz)

I was talking to a guy this morning around Facebook and the use of it as a way of driving business or making sales. Now I am not an expert in this area or a marketing expert but we did have a few things to share and education for each other on the topic.

Facebook is a social network site so at times people can be more casual in respect to the way they share information than on a website. Often you want your Facebook page to lead people to your website or you may even just directly promote your product there. As we developed HisBiz we found it was really hard to describe our product or inform our customers what to do when they landed on our page. To some degree our facebook page is a melting pot of topics connected to our overall purpose and even personal interests - a social mix of stuff.

HisBiz is not a product lead service and we actually have no product. Lucky I am not trying to sell you anything :)

To some degree we are more of a lets talk and share what we know service. This is harder than it sounds on the internet as social media can be pretty one way. I share you read end of interaction. If I’m lucky you might like it. I have found that pictures of dog’s and cats can get more likes than HisBiz!

Once you take the information my commodity, which is the information is used. At times you may share the information and that widens the reach which is great. To some degree that is the purpose of HisBiz, to get information out and about, creating a community that discovers and shares tools.

I am always keen for more sharing and for people to share information with HisBiz so we can pass it on to others.

So if you are about sharing things to make peoples journey in life better or have some questions to ask join in and do something.

Connecting within our communities

People are stronger when they pull together. Here are some tips from the Mental Health Foundation about how we can connect within our communities.

•Join or set up a neighbourhood group.
•Hold a poetry evening related to connection.
•Organise a street BBQ.
•Attend a community centre open day.
•Organise or attend cultural performances – in a shopping centre or park.
•Take time to read your local newspaper or newsletter – find out what’s going on in your local area – then organise a group outing to support it.

How are you connecting with your community this week?

All the lonely people - where do they all come from?

Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) is this week, and the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) is encouraging New Zealanders to take this opportunity to CONNECT with the people in their lives who may be feeling lonely and isolated.

CONNECT, one of the Five Ways to Wellbeing, is the official theme for MHAW 2013.

“Connecting with others is the most powerful tool we have for feeling happy and mentally well,” says Hugh Norriss, Director of Policy & Development at the MHF.

“The recent Wellbeing Index showed that only 30% of Kiwis are connecting socially with others more than once a week. Many people are inadvertently isolating themselves because they have so many competing demands on their time, but the effects of loneliness on both physical and mental health are too serious to ignore.”

Isolation not only contributes to depression, but can often make the experience of having depression more severe, and hinder recovery.

Brain scientists know that having strong social networks improves brain health – people who are connected with others perform better on memory and cognition tests. They are also likely to be less stressed, have stronger immune systems and better quality of sleep.

“Connecting is not only good for your wellbeing, but it provides a boost to the people you’re connecting with, too” says Hugh. “It’s a really generous way of taking care of yourself!”

Some people find the thought of socialising with strangers frightening, but Hugh says that connecting doesn’t just mean organising large parties or joining a sports club.

“Smiling at shop assistants, patting a cat, or thanking your bus driver are all little things that we could all do, and they provide a meaningful boost to our wellbeing,” he says.

Organisations around the country are busily organising MHAW celebrations. From a mass dog walk in Southland to a hui in Northland, Kiwis from all walks of life are connecting with the MHAW message.

“Feeling close to, and valued by other people is a fundamental human need,” says Hugh. “It seems so obvious, but maybe it’s one of those common-sense things that we all need to remind ourselves to do more frequently.

“Start small, maybe by making one non-business phone call a day. You’ll notice the difference in your mood very quickly!”

Check out the MHF website for tips and ideas on how to connect with the people in your life and a comprehensive list of MHAW activities nationwide.

You can also CONNECT with the Mental Health Foundation on Facebook. Throughout MHAW we’ll be sharing tips on connecting, and awarding prizes for the best CONNECT ideas. Visit the official MHAW website, for more information.

For more information or comment, contact:

Sophia Graham
Senior Communications Officer
DDI: 09 300 4425
Mobile: 021 740 454


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