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Doing good does you good (MHF e-bulletin 25th May

Nga mihi mahana kia koe  

new report from the UK shows that helping others has benefits for our mental and physical health.

Dr Andrew McCulloch says there is scientific evidence that doing good: promotes positive psychological changes in the brain associated with happiness; brings a sense of purpose and reduces isolation; helps get rid of negative feelings such as anger, aggression or hostility; and may even help us live longer!

A large majority of participants in Dr McCulloch’s research said they thought people were more selfish and materialistic than 10 years ago but, on the upside, even more people (80%) agreed that being kind to others makes them feel good.

Life has sped up and it can often feel like we don’t have the time or energy to think of others. However, the researchers say we don’t need to do big things: it can be the small things that count the most, such as opening a door or giving someone a seat. To help you brainstorm on ways to spread a bit of kindness, they have produced a pocket guide to helping others.

That’s my good turn for the week!

Naku iti nei

Kim Higginson
Information Officer
Mental Health Foundation 

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