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This Video Will Have You Completely Rethink How You Conduct Yourself Online And In Person (Video) | Elite Daily

I really enjoyed this video on the concept of social media and the impact it is having on our disconnected life styles. The irony of then sharing it on many social media platforms is not lost.

It touches on some good human instinct ideas.The concept of identifying self in such a consumer drive space,were technology is creating a different form of social self, is a current dilemma. What impact is it really having on the social nature of people?

Take 5 minutes to watch it and then log of for a bit and go have a conversation with a person in the real world.

Autumn is on its way (if you live in NZ)

The mornings are getting that little bit crisper and the days a bit shorter. Our summer was not the best and now the seasons are changing. Our feelings and moods can be effected by these changes. Whilst this is an American article (fall and months that are spring in NZ) it is worth a read. How do you make the most of the changing seasons?

Happiness makes your brain work better

A great article around the happiness perspective. Includes a video which is well work the watch. The basic premise is does success make us happy or by being happy first does this lead to more success. It is around the question of what really is success and who’s success are we aiming for, ours or a image of success described by others? Some of the most happy people in the world may been seen to have the least material things. Let us know your thoughts.

Change your employee's mind, change your buisness

HBR blog into the minds within the workplace and how leaders can create better understanding and alignment to the organisational purpose.

Bad tech habits

Blog from looking at the new bad habits created by technology. What are your bad tech habits?

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