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Men’s health Week NZ - some early notice.

Men’s health Week NZ - some early notice.

Men’s health

Over the weekend I have been having a few conversations around the current ‘selfie with no makeup’ facebook explosion to support research into breast cancer.

It is great that social media can now spread causes so quickly and potentially generate donations to increase research. Part of the conversation was around what men could do to support this both as sons, brothers and fathers but also around our own health issues.

The last post on the website was asking for men to take part in a survey around how we look after our own health, which has been the motivation around HisBiz. At times we are not great at asking for help or support. In general men wait much longer to visit a gp than women.

I have definitely seen more awareness being raised for guys with the likes of Movember which supports both mental health and cancer. I suppose you also notice what you notice when you look for media around men’s health.

In June there is a men’s health week which looks to remind men to get themselves checked out and think about lifestyle and health. A few years back we held a men’s health pit stop which was good. Is there any ideas out there around how you would get more involved in looking after yourself? Do you have any ideas around how you could show your support for those fighting cancer or other health issues?

Or could you just fill in the survey for a start?

Blokes needed for wellbeing project

4 March, 2014

Blokes of all ages and backgrounds are needed for a new project on wellbeing.

With funding support from the Movember Foundation, the Mental Health Foundation is looking at how men access and use information to support themselves during stressful life events.

Judi Clements, Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation, says the study’s aim is to discover how men seek help when distressed, and what can be done to better reach them.

“Research tells us that many men do not seek information and support in a timely way, and this can obviously have a big impact,” says Ms Clements.

As part of the project, men are asked to complete a short online survey, which has questions about work, friendships and the way they use information and support services.

Focus groups will also be set up during April, which will give men the opportunity to share their thoughts with their peers and the researchers.

The project’s findings will be used to help the Mental Health Foundation and other organisations target their information and better support men going through a tough time.

“We strongly encourage men to take the survey and/or join a focus group,” says Ms Clements. “The survey only takes a few minutes and we will use what we learn to help improve the mental health and wellbeing of all men.”

To complete the survey, visit

For further information, please contact:

Rebecca Proffitt
Senior Communications Officer
Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand
Ph: 09 623 4810 ext 819
M: 022 059 6315

Are you engaged?

Engaged people are less stressed, happier and more interested in what they do! No – I’m not talking about engagement in the marital sense, but rather in the sense of being there in the moment.

A recent article in Gallup Management Journal stated disengagement can be depressing in a workplace and that better engagement means better health. What’s concerning is that research is indicating 8 to 17 per cent of people in the workplace are disengaged. A true concern for any employer!

The recent economic struggles added to the issue, with many disengaged staff choosing to stay put rather than face the difficult and worrying task of finding other employment. Stagnation then becomes as difficult as staff turn over. This may now be changing as signs in the labour market in some areas are changing.

Disengaged staff can have a negative impact on your business, wider than just their own contribution. There continues to be strong links between engagement and key organisational outcomes. I mean if you’re running a customer focused business, but your staff ‘can’t be bothered’ making sales or talking to clients – that’s not good for business!

Signs of disengagement and depression can often be similar. These can include feeling empty or tired, having a lack of interest, energy or concentration, poor or lack of decision making and generally not being bothered.

The challenge is becomes even greater when the manager/owner/leader is feeling disengaged. How do they find ways to get back to having a greater bond with the workplace? Workplaces should not only be fun and engaging for staff, but for the managers/owners/leaders as well. This can be hard work when no one is helping them to engage.

There’s no magic answer to resolve engagement issues. Sometimes it’s right for people to move on. Other times it’s about creating or finding the challenge to keep people engaged. Here are a few simple ways to keep workplaces engaging:
 take time to listen to those around you
 give and receive feedback
 set out clear plans and a future focus
 outline your personal development/training ideas and do them
 have conversations about high performance and what this means for your business
 understand what makes teams and individuals tick
 have some fun!

Important NZ numbers for wellbeing

AIDS Hotline 0800 802 437
Al Anon Family group 0508 425 266
Alcoholics Anonymous 0800 229675
Alcohol Hotline 0800 787797
Arthritis Foundation 0800 663 463
Breast Screen Aotearoa 0800 270 200
Cancer Society 04 494 7270
Depression Helpline 0800 111 757 Enable 07 843 9170
GROW 09 846 2871
Healthline 0800 611 116
Lifeline 0800 543 354
Like Minds Like Mine 0800 102 107
Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse 0800 677 289
Narcotics Anonymous 0800 628 632
Outline Gay/lesbian 0800 6885463
Overeaters Anonymous 07 839 1599
Phobic Line 0800 122 694
Preventing Domestic Violence 0508 384 357
Problem Gambling Foundation 0800 654 655
Quitline (Smoking Cessation) 0800 778 778
PARS (Prisoners Aid) 07 839 3531
Rape Crisis (Auckland) 0800 472 496
Relationship Services 0800 RELATE
Samaritans 0800 726 666
Stroke Foundation 0800 787 653
Victim Support 0800 842 846
Womens Refuge 0800 REFUGE

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