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Men’s health week

It’s men’s health awareness week in NZ. Check out what’s on near you or just take a moment to think about ur health for a moment.

Novel method of promoting youth wellbeing

Tuesday, 20 May 2014, 1:55 pm
Press Release: Victoria University of Wellington


20 May 2014

Novel method of promoting youth wellbeing

A graphic novel developed by Victoria University of Wellington researchers aims to promote how young New Zealanders struggling with depression and other mental illness can seek help.

A Choice is the first of several resources in the making as part of the Youth Wellbeing Study, a research project led by Dr Marc Wilson, head of Victoria’s School of Psychology, which focuses on non-suicidal self-injury.

The research team partnered with Onslow College in Wellington to develop the narrative, with students contributing to weekly story-boarding sessions. Imagery was provided by Ant Sang, award-winning illustrator of the popular television series bro’Town.

Matthew Kan, an Onslow College student, says it was an inspiring experience. “The final copy of the comic book turned out amazing, and the process motivated me to understand depression and how to get help.”

Dr Jessica Garisch, Research Fellow and coordinator of the Youth Wellbeing Project, says “although there are numerous resources internationally, there are few resources developed specifically for young New Zealanders based on information collected from this population themselves”.

Research shows that up to half of New Zealand’s young people will engage in some form of self-injury by the time they leave school. “Hence this is a crucial area to develop further understanding and resources to assist teens, schools, whānau and the community,” says Dr Garisch.

An important part of the Youth Wellbeing Study, which runs until 2016, is developing useful resources for adolescents, their whānau, and school staff about how to best support young people who self-injure.

The study also includes a longitudinal survey with secondary school students from 15 regional schools and interviews and focus groups with school counsellors, social workers and youth.

Emma-Jayne Brown, a psychology PhD student who facilitated the development of A Choice, says “we’re really proud of the graphic novel and hope it can aid in the discourse around such important issues”.

A Choice can be downloaded here:

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Men’s health Week NZ - some early notice.

Men’s health Week NZ - some early notice.

Men’s health

Over the weekend I have been having a few conversations around the current ‘selfie with no makeup’ facebook explosion to support research into breast cancer.

It is great that social media can now spread causes so quickly and potentially generate donations to increase research. Part of the conversation was around what men could do to support this both as sons, brothers and fathers but also around our own health issues.

The last post on the website was asking for men to take part in a survey around how we look after our own health, which has been the motivation around HisBiz. At times we are not great at asking for help or support. In general men wait much longer to visit a gp than women.

I have definitely seen more awareness being raised for guys with the likes of Movember which supports both mental health and cancer. I suppose you also notice what you notice when you look for media around men’s health.

In June there is a men’s health week which looks to remind men to get themselves checked out and think about lifestyle and health. A few years back we held a men’s health pit stop which was good. Is there any ideas out there around how you would get more involved in looking after yourself? Do you have any ideas around how you could show your support for those fighting cancer or other health issues?

Or could you just fill in the survey for a start?

Blokes needed for wellbeing project

4 March, 2014

Blokes of all ages and backgrounds are needed for a new project on wellbeing.

With funding support from the Movember Foundation, the Mental Health Foundation is looking at how men access and use information to support themselves during stressful life events.

Judi Clements, Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation, says the study’s aim is to discover how men seek help when distressed, and what can be done to better reach them.

“Research tells us that many men do not seek information and support in a timely way, and this can obviously have a big impact,” says Ms Clements.

As part of the project, men are asked to complete a short online survey, which has questions about work, friendships and the way they use information and support services.

Focus groups will also be set up during April, which will give men the opportunity to share their thoughts with their peers and the researchers.

The project’s findings will be used to help the Mental Health Foundation and other organisations target their information and better support men going through a tough time.

“We strongly encourage men to take the survey and/or join a focus group,” says Ms Clements. “The survey only takes a few minutes and we will use what we learn to help improve the mental health and wellbeing of all men.”

To complete the survey, visit

For further information, please contact:

Rebecca Proffitt
Senior Communications Officer
Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand
Ph: 09 623 4810 ext 819
M: 022 059 6315

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